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Minnesota Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Minnesota ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Minnesota history.

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Great Lakes Genealogy

Biography of Fred Herring of Hawley Minnesota

Fred Herring, a highly regarded citizen of Hawley, Minnesota, was born in Sandford-on-Thames, England, in 1867. After receiving his education in Oxford, he worked as a teacher and later as a bookkeeper in a grocery store with a sub-postal station, gaining valuable knowledge of postal service operations. In 1894, he…
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Biography of Edward Syverson of Ulen Minnesota

Edward Syverson, a prosperous and progressive young merchant in Ulen, Minnesota, is highly regarded for his successful businesses in dry goods, clothing, shoes, and groceries. With extensive experience in various fields, including traveling as a salesman, his understanding of human nature contributes to his success. Edward’s affable personality and dedication…
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Biography of Even Olsen Reiersgaarden of Ulen Minnesota

Even Olsen Reiersgaarden, born on December 1, 1851, grew up on a farm in Norway. He immigrated to the United States in 1875, settling in Minnesota. After facing numerous challenges, including the loss of his wives, he eventually became a respected member of the Ulen community. In 1907, he moved…
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Biography of Elling Klemmetson of Ulen Minnesota

Elling Klemmetson, a successful farmer in Ulen Township, Minnesota, immigrated to the United States from Norway as a young boy. He built a prosperous farm and a comfortable home, raising a large family of ten children with his wife Segre. Elling actively participated in community initiatives and held positions on…
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Biography of Frank A. Weld of Minnesota

Frank A. Weld, a renowned educator, was born in Skowhegan, Maine, in 1858. After attending Bloomfield Academy and Colby University, he arrived in Minnesota in 1882. Weld served as superintendent of schools in Zumbrota and Fergus Falls before becoming the northwestern manager of D. C. Heath & Co. He later…
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Biography of Edwin J. Wheeler of Moorehead Minnesota

Edwin J. Wheeler, the mayor of Moorhead, Minnesota, is a prominent figure known for his strong character and dedication to his community. He began his career as a clerk and later became the president of the Wheeler Land Company, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the region. A steadfast…
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Biography of Edward J. Madison of Moorehead Minnesota

Edward J. Madison, an esteemed businessman from Moorhead, Minnesota, has made a name for himself in the plumbing and heating industry. Despite a challenging start in life, with the loss of his parents at a young age, Madison persevered and found success. After working in various fields, including butchery and…
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Biography of Dr. Knut Olai E. Heimark of Hawley Minnesota

Dr. Knut Olai E. Heimark, the first white child born in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota, has made significant contributions as a physician and a businessperson. Born on a farm in 1873, he grew up witnessing his father’s determination and success in establishing a homestead. Dr. Heimark pursued his education, graduating…
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Biography of Dennis F. McGrath of Barnesville Minnesota

Dennis F. McGrath, the esteemed postmaster of Barnesville, Minnesota, has been an active participant in the town’s growth and development. Originally from Appleton, Wisconsin, McGrath moved to Clay County, Minnesota, in 1879 and worked on his own claim. He later partnered with Peter E. Thompson in the lumber trade and…
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Biography of Christopher Syverson of Glynden Minnesota

Christopher Syverson, the well-known proprietor of the Syverson Hotel in Glynden, Minnesota, has a remarkable background. Born in Norway in 1855, he immigrated to the United States in 1881 and settled in Glynden. Starting as a farm worker, he eventually owned a farm before transitioning to a successful meat market…
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