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Minnesota Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It includes information and records pertinent to Minnesota ancestry, family history, and genealogy. The resource offers access to a variety of records, such as birth, death, marriage, census, tax, court, and military records. Additionally, it provides fascinating genealogical and historical facts about different periods and notable individuals in Minnesota history.

Biographies of Minnesota

These 89 biographical sketches were extracted from the History of the Red River Valley, Past And Present: Including an Account of the Counties, Cities, Towns And Villages of the Valley From the Time of Their First Settlement And Formation volumes 1 and 2. They include only those from Minnesota.

  1. Aaker, Hans A.
  2. Austinson, A. T.
  3. Austinson, Torkle
  4. Brandt, John F,
  5. Catlin, Frank A.
  6. Catlin, Irving S.
  7. Christianson, Anton
  8. Colburn, Adna
  9. Colburn, Charles E.
  10. Comstock, Solomon G.
  11. Cyr, Alphonse
  12. Darrow, Daniel C.
  13. Davy, W. H.
  14. Diemert, William H.
  15. Duklet, Peter M.
  16. Evans, Arne
  17. Evans, Ole
  18. Feragen, Johannes O.
  19. Gilbertson, H. O.
  20. Glaisyer, Herbert
  21. Godfrey, Joseph V.
  22. Hagen, Olaf J.
  23. Hammet, William G.
  24. Hanson, Nels
  25. Hauge, Rev. S. G.
  26. Heimark, Knut Olai E., Dr.
  27. Helgeson, Knud
  28. Herring, Fred
  29. Hitterdal, Mrs. Lars O.
  30. Holman, Iver
  31. Holt, Ben F.
  32. Houglum, Andrew O.
  33. Johnson, Andrew
  34. Johnson, Fred
  35. Johnson, Julius C.
  36. Johnston, John F.
  37. Kiefer, Philip Henry
  38. Klemmetson, Elling
  39. Klemmetson, Helge
  40. Lamphere, George N.
  41. Mackall, Benjamin F.
  42. Madison, Edward J.
  43. Marden, Charles S.
  44. McCartan, Arthur Augustus
  45. McGrath, Dennis F.
  46. McGrath, John
  47. McGrath, Thomas
  48. McPhee, John D.
  49. Melbye, O. C.
  50. Merritt, William H.
  51. Miller, Charles E.
  52. Misner, Harvey Chase
  53. Nash, William C.
  54. Nedburge, Knud
  55. Nelson, Christopher E.
  56. Nykreim, S. M. T.
  57. Paulson, Christian
  58. Perley, George E.
  59. Peterson, Axel W.
  60. Reiersgaarden, Even Olsen
  61. Reiersgord, Ole E.
  62. Rushfeldt, Hans
  63. Schroeder, Edward Carl
  64. Schroeder, Henry
  65. Sharp, James H.
  66. Shirley, Halvor L.
  67. Skalet, Ole
  68. Sliper, Peder
  69. Stadum, Norman H.
  70. Stalley, Fred
  71. Stodder, Louis T.
  72. Syverson, Christopher
  73. Syverson, Edward
  74. Syverson, Reir
  75. Tang, Severt O.
  76. Thompson, George J.
  77. Thompson, Peter E.
  78. Thysell, Nels J.
  79. Tweeton, Henry G.
  80. Tweeton, John G.
  81. Ulen, Ole
  82. Walker, Thomas Barlow
  83. Webb, Robert B.
  84. Weld, Frank A.
  85. Wheeler, Edwin J.
  86. Wheeler, Jerome W.
  87. Widlund, S. Bernhard
  88. Wije, Andrew H.
  89. Wollan, Gustav B.

Miscellaneous History of Minnesota

Meeker County Immigration

Neighboring States Genealogy

The following states neighbor Minnesota and are not included in the list of Great Lakes Genealogy below.

Great Lakes Genealogy

New Minnesota Genealogy

Biography of Knud Nedburge of Goose Prairie Township Minnesota

Knud Nedburge, born in Norway in 1865, is a prominent agriculturalist in Goose Prairie Township, Clay County, Minnesota. The son of Lars and Ingabor Nedburge, he immigrated to the United States in 1885, initially settling in Twin Valley, Minnesota, before moving to Clay County. After working as a farm laborer…
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Biography of Louis T. Stodder of Moorhead Minnesota

Louis T. Stodder, born January 12, 1864, in Boston, Massachusetts, was the son of Louis and Watie (Aldrich) Stodder. His father served as executive officer on the “Monitor” during its historic battle. Louis received a public school education in the East and started his career as an errand boy, later…
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Biography of Nels Hanson of Clay County Minnesota

Nels Hanson, born in Norway around 1845, was a prominent farmer in Clay County, Minnesota. Immigrating to the U.S. in the 1860s, he initially lived in Pierce County, Wisconsin, before settling in Clay County. Hanson homesteaded there, living in a sod shanty before expanding his property and constructing a substantial…
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Biography of Nels J. Thysell of Hawley Minnesota

Nels J. Thysell, born in Sweden, became a prominent citizen of Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota. Arriving in the U.S. in 1873, he initially settled on an 80-acre homestead near Hawley, expanding his holdings to 1,100 acres over time. A pioneer Scandinavian settler, Thysell experienced and contributed to the region’s development….
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Biography of Norman H. Stadum of Glyndon Minnesota

Norman H. Stadum, born February 22, 1878, in Farmington, Minnesota, was a prominent businessman in Glyndon, Minnesota. Educated in Barnesville, he began teaching and working in various jobs, including at the First National Bank and the Great Northern Railroad. In 1902, he helped establish the Glyndon National Bank, later reorganized…
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Biography of O. C. Melbye of Ulen Minnesota

O. C. Melbye, born in 1852 in Christiania, Norway, immigrated to America in 1877, settling in Lake Park, Minnesota. He later moved to Ulen, where he built the first house and established a successful grocery and farm machinery business. Appointed postmaster in 1887, he served for fourteen years under multiple…
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Biography of Olaf J. Hagen of Moorhead Minnesota

Dr. Olaf J. Hagen, B. So., M. D., is a distinguished physician and surgeon practicing in Moorhead since 1907. Born on September 16, 1872, in Menominee, Wisconsin, he is the seventh of nine children born to Norwegian immigrants Jens H. and Gunhild (Stendahl) Hagen. The family settled in Fort Abercrombie,…
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Biography of Ole E. Reiersgord of Ulen Minnesota

Ole E. Reiersgord, born July 23, 1875, in Norway, is the editor of the “Ulen Union” and owner of the “Becker County Journal” in Lake Park, Minnesota. Immigrating to the U.S. as an infant, his family settled in Hagen Township, Clay County, Minnesota. Educated locally and in Moorhead, Reiersgord pursued…
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Biography of Ole Skalet of Ulen Minnesota

Ole Skalet, born October 14, 1861, in Houston County, Minnesota, is a self-made and influential figure in Clay County. Son of pioneer settlers Knut and Helga Skalet, Ole grew up on his father’s farm and, after reaching adulthood in 1883, claimed a homestead and tree claim in Keene Township. He…
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