Biography of Christopher E. Nelson of Barnesville Minnesota

Christopher E. Nelson, a respected real estate dealer, currently resides in Barnesville, Minnesota. Originally from Denmark, he immigrated to the United States in 1887 and settled in Iowa before establishing his real estate business in Barnesville. Nelson is known for his competence and professionalism, and he and his wife have five children.

Christopher E. Nelson, a real estate dealer, resides in Barnesville, Minnesota. He was born in Denmark in 1869 and immigrated to the United States in 1887, settling in Calhoun County, Iowa. He worked as a farmhand for three years. In 1892, he married Miss Lorena Gould, the daughter of Henry and Margaret Gould.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson initially settled on a farm near Manson, Iowa, where they stayed for four years. They then moved to Manson in the spring of 1896. Mr. Nelson engaged in the implement business until 1901 when he relocated with his family to Barnesville, Minnesota. In Barnesville, he began his real estate business, which he has continued to the present day. Mr. Nelson is widely regarded as a highly competent and professional businessman.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson have five children: Erlice, Grace, Ewart, Elsie, and Henry.


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