Biography of Axel W. Peterson of Hawley Minnesota

Axel W. Peterson, a prominent businessman in Hawley, Minnesota, has built a successful career through hard work and determination. Born in Sweden in 1870, he immigrated to the United States with his family at a young age and settled in Minnesota. After completing his education, Peterson worked various jobs before eventually opening his own store in Hawley. Known for his savvy buying skills and effective advertising, he has managed to attract a significant amount of trade to his business. While his commitment to work has limited his social engagements, Peterson is an active member of local organizations and a respected figure in the community. He is happily married to Lena, and they have four children together.

Axel W. Peterson, who is recognized as one of the progressive businessmen of Hawley, Minnesota, was born in Sweden in 1870 and is one of a family of seven sons and three daughters born to Nels and Johanna Peterson. The family immigrated to the United States when our subject was but six months old and settled in southern Minnesota. A year later, they moved with others to Becker County, Minnesota, and settled on a tract of government land about five miles north of Lake Park.

Our subject grew up on this farm, attended the district schools, and later graduated from the commercial department of Curtis Business College in Minneapolis. In 1892, Mr. Peterson left home and came to Hawley, where he worked as a clerk in the store of Messrs. Rudser and Larson, general merchants, until January 4, 1894, when their store was destroyed by fire. Being thus thrown out of employment, he had no regular work for a time but took on any honorable employment that could earn him an honest dollar. He finally found a position as a clerk in the store of Mr. C. E. Lunquist, where he worked for four years. Afterward, he opened his own store. The business was carried on successfully under the firm name of Peterson Eid & Company until 1902 when the firm was dissolved, and Mr. Peterson partnered with his brother, Mr. M. F. Peterson. Since April 1, 1902, the business has been carried on under the firm name of Peterson Brothers. The business, which initially occupied only half of the current store building, has grown significantly under their careful and wise management.

Mr. Peterson believes in advertising and often appears in local papers with full-page advertisements that are original in character and attractive, bringing a vast amount of trade that otherwise would not come.

Mr. Peterson is a careful buyer who knows what he needs to meet the demands of his trade. He has the reputation among traveling salesmen of being a man who can say no and mean it while retaining their friendship and goodwill through his courtesy and gentlemanly demeanor. Due to the necessity of devoting himself closely to his business, he has neglected many social enjoyments. However, he is an active member of the Modern Woodmen of America and has held official positions in the local lodge. He also belongs to the American Brotherhood of Yeomen.

In 1895, Mr. Peterson married Miss Lena, a daughter of Mrs. Elene Grue, a pioneer settler of Hawley and the proprietor of the Northwestern Hotel. They have four children: Irving, Allen, Jewel, and Belle May.


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