Biography of Joseph V. Godfrey of Moorehead Minnesota

Joseph V. Godfrey, born November 23, 1874, in Leominster, Massachusetts, is a prominent manufacturer and contractor in Moorhead, Minnesota. Educated in Boston, he graduated from Roxbury High School in 1891. Godfrey initially joined his father’s flour milling business before moving to Moorhead in 1896. After working with the North Dakota Milling Company and the Red Lake Falls Milling Company, he established a successful concrete manufacturing business in 1905. Married to Edith Darrow, daughter of Dr. Daniel C. Darrow, president of Moorhead Hospital, they have two children, Vernon D. and Anna Belle. Godfrey is esteemed for his integrity and contributions to the community.

Joseph V. Godfrey, a dynamic young manufacturer and contractor from Moorhead, is highly deserving of the patronage he receives and the recognition provided here.

Mr. Godfrey is the son-in-law of Dr. Daniel C. Darrow, the president of Moorhead Hospital. Before her marriage in 1899, Mrs. Godfrey was known as Miss Edith Darrow. Although he spent most of his educational years in Boston and graduated from Roxbury, Massachusetts high school in 1891, Mr. Godfrey was actually born in Leominster, Massachusetts on November 23, 1874. His parents, James V. and Abbie Jane (White) Godfrey, are natives of Massachusetts and longtime residents of Boston, where they currently reside. Mr. Godfrey oversees significant milling interests. He and Mrs. Godfrey have four children, with Joseph V. being the second child.

After completing his education, Joseph V. Godfrey joined his father’s flour milling business and remained in that field until 1896 when he relocated to Moorhead. There, he joined the North Dakota Milling Company and stayed with them for five years until the firm dissolved. Following this, he worked as a salesman for the Red Lake Falls Milling Company for four years. In 1905, he established his own business and began manufacturing concrete for sidewalks and building purposes. His enterprise thrived from the start, employing a large workforce. Mr. Godfrey has become one of the prominent manufacturers in the region, highly regarded for his integrity, fairness, and reliability. He is considered an exemplary and valuable citizen.

Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey are proud parents to two children, Vernon D. and Anna Belle.


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