Biography of Edward J. Madison of Moorehead Minnesota

Edward J. Madison, an esteemed businessman from Moorhead, Minnesota, has made a name for himself in the plumbing and heating industry. Despite a challenging start in life, with the loss of his parents at a young age, Madison persevered and found success. After working in various fields, including butchery and firefighting, he settled in Moorhead in 1907. Madison is an active member of several organizations, including the Independent Order of Foresters and the Society of Eagles. In 1903, he married Miss Reginald Syverson, and together they embarked on a journey of love and partnership. Madison’s story is one of resilience and achievement, inspiring the community around him.

Edward J. Madison, from the Moorhead Plumbing and Heating Company, has been in business in the city since 1907 and is regarded as one of its popular young businessmen.

Mr. Madison was born on October 6, 1876, in Chicago, Illinois. His parents, Johnson and Ellen Madison, were also Illinois natives who passed away when Edward was an infant, leaving him as the youngest of four siblings at only six months old. His father drowned while working on a government boat (man-of-war) on Lake Michigan, and his mother died shortly afterward. Edward was taken in by relatives until he was old enough to be placed in a training school. He was eventually brought to Glenwood, Illinois, where he stayed until being adopted by Mr. C. E. Hull, who took him to Huron, South Dakota. He remained with Mr. Hull until 1888, at which point he decided to support himself. He ventured to Fargo, North Dakota, where he entered the butcher business and worked in that field until 1903. Later that year, he transitioned to the plumbing and heating business, pursuing it for several years before taking a position as a fireman with the Northern Pacific Railroad Company. However, in June 1907, he relocated to Moorhead, Minnesota, where he has since been involved in the plumbing and heating business, establishing himself as a prosperous and respected citizen of the city.

Mr. Madison is a member of the Independent Order of Foresters, having been associated with the organization for thirteen years. He is also affiliated with the Society of Eagles. During his time in Fargo, N.D., he served as a member of the volunteer fire department.

In 1891, Mr. Madison experienced a significant event when he was found after getting lost in a blizzard in Harwood, N.D. After enduring a perilous journey and nearly succumbing to the freezing temperatures, he eventually found shelter in a nearby house, thus saving himself. Meanwhile, local newspapers had reported his demise due to freezing.

On May 10, 1903, he married Miss Reginald Syverson, the daughter of Ole Syverson from Ulen, Minnesota.


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