Biography of Harvey Chase Misner of Crookston Minnesota

Harvey Chase Misner, born on January 9, 1854, in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, became a notable business figure in Crookston, Minnesota. The son of Ira P. Misner and Irvilla Chapin, he moved to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, in 1867. After gaining experience in the general merchandising business, Misner established a grocery store in 1879 and later moved his business to Euclid, Minnesota. In 1881, he co-founded E. Taylor & Company and later formed H. C. Misner & Co. By 1904, he joined the Wheeler-Misner Loan Company as secretary-treasurer. A dedicated public servant, Misner served as Euclid Township’s first clerk for seventeen years. Married to Ida M. Taylor in 1881, they had three children, with one surviving, Harvey W. Misner. Misner was active in the Crookston Commercial Club and various fraternal organizations.

Harvey Chase Misner, a partner in the firm of Wheeler, Misner & Company in Crookston, Minnesota, was born on January 9, 1854, in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. His parents were Ira P. Misner and Irvilla Chapin, and he was the second child in a family of four children. The family resided in Wisconsin and worked as farmers until 1867 when they moved to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Harvey received his education in public schools while living in Fond du Lac.

In 1870, he began working as a clerk for W. B. Barker in the general merchandising business. After nine years, he gained valuable experience which led him to establish his own business. Harvey formed a partnership with A. L. Lindsley and opened a successful grocery store in Fond du Lac in the spring of 1879. However, they relocated the business to Fourteen Mile Switch, now known as Euclid, Minnesota, after just three months. They built a temporary store building that also served as their lodging. Unfortunately, they faced setbacks in Euclid, and the partnership dissolved.

In 1881, Harvey joined E. Taylor to form the firm E. Taylor & Company, with Harvey managing the business. His brother, Wells C. Misner, was also a joint owner until his passing in 1894. Harvey eventually purchased the entire business but later sold a half interest to A. H. Pitkin. The firm operated under the name H. C. Misner & Co. In 1899, the firm transformed into Misner, Chapin & Fish, and in 1904, Harvey became a member of the present firm, Wheeler-Misner Loan Company, where he holds the position of secretary-treasurer. The Wheeler-Misner Loan Company is a prominent real estate, loan, and insurance firm in the Northwest.

Harvey Misner is known for his liberal and far-sighted political views, favoring Republican candidates and principles. He actively participates in local and state public affairs and provides support based on his own judgment. He served as the first clerk of Euclid Township for approximately seventeen years and is recognized as one of the most influential and esteemed citizens in Polk County. Harvey also holds the position of president in the Crookston Commercial Club. Fraternally, he is a Shriner and a thirty-second-degree Mason, as well as a member of the Elks Lodge and the Modern Woodmen of America.

In 1881, Harvey married Ida M. Taylor from Lyons, Iowa. They have three children, Harvey W. Misner of Pasadena, California, and two deceased children. In 1896, they adopted a daughter named Helen M.


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