Biography of Rev. S. G. Hauge of Hawley Minnesota

Rev. S. G. Hauge, born in Norway in 1875, is the influential minister of the Lutheran church in Hawley, Minnesota. After immigrating to the United States in 1891, he studied at Augustine College in South Dakota and the Theological Seminary in Minneapolis, graduating in 1900. Appointed as the first resident pastor of the Scandinavian Lutheran church in Hawley that same year, Rev. Hauge has significantly expanded the congregation to about 300 members. He delivers sermons in both Norwegian and English and serves additional churches in neighboring townships. Married to Mrs. Hauge on July 25, 1900, they have three children: Ragnhild, Norma E., and Haakon.

Rev. S. G. Hauge, the minister of the Lutheran church in Hawley, Minnesota, is a progressive and influential figure in the religious life of the community. He was born in Norway in 1875 and received his early education there. In 1891, he immigrated to the United States and two years later enrolled as a student at Augustine College in Canton, South Dakota. He later pursued a theology course at the Theological Seminary in Minneapolis and graduated in 1900.

After completing his theological studies, Rev. Hauge dedicated himself to his chosen vocation. On August 3, 1900, he was appointed as the resident pastor of the Scandinavian Lutheran church in Hawley, becoming its first resident pastor since the church’s establishment in 1898. Under his wise leadership and pastoral care, the church has experienced significant growth. The congregation, which started with a small number of members, has now flourished into an active church community of approximately 300 individuals. The church’s influence has become a driving force in the moral and spiritual development of the community. Rev. Hauge delivers fifty sermons in the Norwegian language and around twenty-five in English each year. Additionally, he conducts religious services at four other churches in neighboring townships, overseeing the spiritual well-being of nearly 1,000 individuals.

The Scandinavian Lutheran church in Hawley benefits from the active involvement of its Ladies’ Aid Society, which convenes every other Monday and plays a vital role in fundraising for the church’s activities and supporting domestic and foreign mission work. The church also has a Luther League, an organization comprising twenty-five young people who contribute to its mission.

The Sunday school, with nearly 100 students under the guidance of seven dedicated teachers, is overseen by Mrs. Hauge. She is a valuable assistant to her husband’s work, possessing refinement and having graduated from her high school in their homeland.

Rev. Hauge and his wife were married on July 25, 1900, in Toronto, South Dakota. They have been blessed with three children: Ragnhild, Norma E., and Haakon.


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