Minnesota Genealogy

Minnesota Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It includes information and records pertinent to Minnesota ancestry, family history, and genealogy. The resource offers access to a variety of records, such as birth, death, marriage, census, tax, court, and military records. Additionally, it provides fascinating genealogical and historical facts about different periods and notable individuals in Minnesota history.

Biographies of Minnesota

These 89 biographical sketches were extracted from the History of the Red River Valley, Past And Present: Including an Account of the Counties, Cities, Towns And Villages of the Valley From the Time of Their First Settlement And Formation volumes 1 and 2. They include only those from Minnesota.

  1. Aaker, Hans A.
  2. Austinson, A. T.
  3. Austinson, Torkle
  4. Brandt, John F,
  5. Catlin, Frank A.
  6. Catlin, Irving S.
  7. Christianson, Anton
  8. Colburn, Adna
  9. Colburn, Charles E.
  10. Comstock, Solomon G.
  11. Cyr, Alphonse
  12. Darrow, Daniel C.
  13. Davy, W. H.
  14. Diemert, William H.
  15. Duklet, Peter M.
  16. Evans, Arne
  17. Evans, Ole
  18. Feragen, Johannes O.
  19. Gilbertson, H. O.
  20. Glaisyer, Herbert
  21. Godfrey, Joseph V.
  22. Hagen, Olaf J.
  23. Hammet, William G.
  24. Hanson, Nels
  25. Hauge, Rev. S. G.
  26. Heimark, Knut Olai E., Dr.
  27. Helgeson, Knud
  28. Herring, Fred
  29. Hitterdal, Mrs. Lars O.
  30. Holman, Iver
  31. Holt, Ben F.
  32. Houglum, Andrew O.
  33. Johnson, Andrew
  34. Johnson, Fred
  35. Johnson, Julius C.
  36. Johnston, John F.
  37. Kiefer, Philip Henry
  38. Klemmetson, Elling
  39. Klemmetson, Helge
  40. Lamphere, George N.
  41. Mackall, Benjamin F.
  42. Madison, Edward J.
  43. Marden, Charles S.
  44. McCartan, Arthur Augustus
  45. McGrath, Dennis F.
  46. McGrath, John
  47. McGrath, Thomas
  48. McPhee, John D.
  49. Melbye, O. C.
  50. Merritt, William H.
  51. Miller, Charles E.
  52. Misner, Harvey Chase
  53. Nash, William C.
  54. Nedburge, Knud
  55. Nelson, Christopher E.
  56. Nykreim, S. M. T.
  57. Paulson, Christian
  58. Perley, George E.
  59. Peterson, Axel W.
  60. Reiersgaarden, Even Olsen
  61. Reiersgord, Ole E.
  62. Rushfeldt, Hans
  63. Schroeder, Edward Carl
  64. Schroeder, Henry
  65. Sharp, James H.
  66. Shirley, Halvor L.
  67. Skalet, Ole
  68. Sliper, Peder
  69. Stadum, Norman H.
  70. Stalley, Fred
  71. Stodder, Louis T.
  72. Syverson, Christopher
  73. Syverson, Edward
  74. Syverson, Reir
  75. Tang, Severt O.
  76. Thompson, George J.
  77. Thompson, Peter E.
  78. Thysell, Nels J.
  79. Tweeton, Henry G.
  80. Tweeton, John G.
  81. Ulen, Ole
  82. Walker, Thomas Barlow
  83. Webb, Robert B.
  84. Weld, Frank A.
  85. Wheeler, Edwin J.
  86. Wheeler, Jerome W.
  87. Widlund, S. Bernhard
  88. Wije, Andrew H.
  89. Wollan, Gustav B.

Miscellaneous History of Minnesota

Meeker County Immigration

Neighboring States Genealogy

The following states neighbor Minnesota and are not included in the list of Great Lakes Genealogy below.

Great Lakes Genealogy

New Minnesota Genealogy

Biography of Dennis F. McGrath of Barnesville Minnesota

Dennis F. McGrath, the esteemed postmaster of Barnesville, Minnesota, has been an active participant in the town’s growth and development. Originally from Appleton, Wisconsin, McGrath moved to Clay County, Minnesota, in 1879 and worked on his own claim. He later partnered with Peter E. Thompson in the lumber trade and…
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Biography of Christopher Syverson of Glynden Minnesota

Christopher Syverson, the well-known proprietor of the Syverson Hotel in Glynden, Minnesota, has a remarkable background. Born in Norway in 1855, he immigrated to the United States in 1881 and settled in Glynden. Starting as a farm worker, he eventually owned a farm before transitioning to a successful meat market…
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Biography of Christopher E. Nelson of Barnesville Minnesota

Christopher E. Nelson, a respected real estate dealer, currently resides in Barnesville, Minnesota. Originally from Denmark, he immigrated to the United States in 1887 and settled in Iowa before establishing his real estate business in Barnesville. Nelson is known for his competence and professionalism, and he and his wife have…
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Biography of Christian Paulson of Moorehead Minnesota

Christian Paulson, the county treasurer of Clay County in Moorhead, Minnesota, has an impressive background. Born to Norwegian immigrants, he overcame early hardships and became self-supporting. Paulson engaged in farming, trading wheat, and owned electric light and telephone businesses. He was appointed county treasurer in 1908 and later elected to…
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Biography of Charles S. Marden of Barnesville MN

Charles S. Marden, a lawyer based in Barnesville, Minnesota, has an impressive background. Born in Vermont, he relocated to Fergus Falls before settling in Barnesville. Marden served as the county attorney of Clay County and is a member of several fraternal organizations, including the Masonic Order and the Society of…
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Biography of Charles E. Miller of Clay County MN

Charles E. Miller, born in Alexandria, Minnesota, in 1872, comes from a Norwegian heritage. His father, Sophus N. Miller, established himself as a successful businessman, representing various financial organizations and owning a well-improved farm. Charles received a quality education and gained valuable experience in his father’s business. He is highly…
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Biography of Benjamin F. Mackall of Moorehead Minnesota

Benjamin F. Mackall, a prominent figure in Moorhead, Minnesota, has been involved in the drug business since the pioneer days of the 1870s. He established himself as the leading pharmacist in Moorhead and has remained a continuous resident, actively contributing to the community. Serving in various civic roles, including treasurer…
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Biography of Ben F. Holt of Barnesville Minnesota

Ben F. Holt, a promising young businessman in Barnesville, Minnesota, manages the shoe and clothing departments at Norby & Solum store. Dedicated and enterprising, Holt attended school in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and has worked at Norby & Solum, except for a brief period at Y. Gunness & Company. Highly regarded for…
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Biography of Edward Carl Schroeder of Clay County Minnesota

Edward Carl Schroeder, a respected businessman in the Red River Valley, has built his reputation through hard work and integrity. Born in Elmwood Township in 1880, he grew up on his father’s farm and later pursued education in St. Paul and Fargo. At the age of twenty-two, he began farming…
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Biography of Arthur Augustus McCartan of Barnesville Minnesota

Arthur Augustus McCartan, a prominent real estate dealer and landowner in Barnesville, Minnesota, has made a significant mark in the industry. Born in 1868 in Dubuque County, Iowa, to Irish immigrants Bernard and Mary McCartan, Arthur grew up on his father’s farm, receiving a solid education in Fonda, Iowa. In…
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