Biography of William G. Hammet of Hawley Minnesota

William G. Hammet, born in Tolpuddle, Dorsetshire, England, in 1874, immigrated to the United States in 1880. He settled in Hawley, Minnesota, with his family and later moved to a homestead in Cromwell Township. Hammet transformed the farm into one of the county’s best, held local public offices, and retired to Hawley in 1905. He married Florence Morton in 1903, who assisted him in his legal and insurance work. Hammet studied at Moorhead State Normal School and the University of Minnesota, becoming a lawyer in 1902.

William G. Hammet, hailing from an English lineage, was born in Tolpuddle, Dorsetshire, England, in 1874. He is the eldest child of William and Annie (Hopkins) Hammet. Richard Hammet, his great-grandfather, worked as a bricklayer in England. His grandparents, William and Judith (Lovelace) Hammet, were also born and passed away in England. They had four children, two of whom married and raised families. Clara, Sarah Ann, and two daughters remained single and resided on the family homestead in Dorsetshire, England.

On June 20, 1847, William Hammet, the father of our subject, was born in Dorsetshire. He received a good education at the local school and learned the carpenter’s trade under his father. In 1880, he immigrated to the United States and initially settled in Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota. He constructed a small house there and lived for two years. Subsequently, he moved his house to the quarter section homestead tract he had acquired in Cromwell Township. Under his wise and progressive management, the farm developed into one of the exemplary farms in Clay County, known for its fertile and productive soil and the enterprising spirit of its residents. The transformation from the wilderness of the past to its present state is remarkable.

Mr. Hammet holds influence within his community. Prior to retiring from farming, he served as the clerk of the school district for several years, acted as an overseer of the highway, and held the position of justice of the peace.

In 1905, Mr. Hammet leased his farm and relocated with his family to the village of Hawley, where they could enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In May 1871, he married Miss Annie, daughter of Timothy and Priscilla (Dean) Hopkins. Aside from William G., their children include Augustas, who passed away in 1903; Lillian, who resides at home, and Edith, who is married to Mr. Holland E. Shuck, a surveyor from Duluth, Minnesota.

After completing his initial education at the district schools, William G. continued his studies at Moorhead State Normal School. He subsequently taught in his local district and at Georgetown for a period of time. Later, he attended the law department of the University of Minnesota. Upon graduating in 1902, he was admitted to the bar and immediately commenced his legal practice in Hawley. In addition to his professional work, he manages an extensive insurance agency.

In 1903, Mr. Hammet married Miss Florence Morton, a native of Reesville, Clinton County, Ohio. Mrs. Hammet is a woman of remarkable accomplishments. Prior to her marriage, she was a successful teacher, and now she serves as an able and invaluable assistant to her husband in his professional and office work.


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