Biography of Christian Paulson of Moorehead Minnesota

Christian Paulson, the county treasurer of Clay County in Moorhead, Minnesota, has an impressive background. Born to Norwegian immigrants, he overcame early hardships and became self-supporting. Paulson engaged in farming, trading wheat, and owned electric light and telephone businesses. He was appointed county treasurer in 1908 and later elected to the position, earning recognition for his contributions to Ulen’s growth and progress.

Christian Paulson, the county treasurer of Clay County, is a resident of Moorhead and was elected to his current position in 1908 as a Republican candidate.

Mr. Paulson is the son of Paul and Kjesti (Kjilson) Paulson, who immigrated to the United States from Norway in the early 1860s. They initially settled in Forest City, Iowa, where their son Christian was born on April 30, 1868. Shortly after, the family moved to Minnesota and established a farm in the southern part of the state. Unfortunately, both parents passed away when Christian was around three years old. He then went to live with an aunt who provided him with the best opportunities available. Despite his young age, Christian became self-supporting and embarked on a busy life, seizing every possible chance to obtain an education. In 1886, he relocated to Ulen in Clay County, where he engaged in farming and traded wheat. He later ventured into the electric light and telephone business, eventually becoming the owner and promoter of these ventures. Recently, he sold his ownership to the telephone exchange. In 1888 and 1889, he worked as a clerk in a store in Forest City, Iowa, while attending the Lutheran Academy in Albert Lea, Minnesota. He successfully graduated from the academy in 1892.

On January 13, 1908, Mr. Paulson was appointed to the position of county treasurer to complete the unexpired term of Mr. H. P. Strate, who had served in that office for the past twenty-three years. Subsequently, in November 1908, he was duly elected to the position. During his time in Ulen, Mr. Paulson also served as a recorder for several years before resigning from the office. He has long been recognized as a driving force in the growth and progress of Ulen and is highly regarded by the people of Moorhead as a citizen, neighbor, and friend.


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