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Minnesota Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Minnesota ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Minnesota history.

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Meeker County Immigration

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Firsts of Meeker County

In a former chapter, we gave the date of settlement of each town in Meeker County, and the names of a few of the earliest settlers. We now propose a random account of circumstances and incidents such as we think will not only interest the readers at this day, but…

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Escaping the Indians

Few men had more difficulty in getting out of the prairie than our townsman Andrew Nelson the following is but one week of his life: Mr. N. a native of Sweden and but slightly acquainted in county at the time, was a single man and residing in Monongalia county. On…

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Col. B. F. Smith, Commandant at Forth Snelling

On the 24th, of August, orders were issued to Col. B. F. Smith, commandant at Fort Snelling, directing him to arm and equip the company of troops under command of Captain Strout then of the l0th Regiment, and detail them to proceed “to Forest City and such other places in…

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Meeker County Immigration-Norwegians- Christiania Port

Meeker County Immigration-Norwegians- Christiania Port

07.05.1880Anders Olsenlaborer17AadalenHero
11.06.1880Anna Kittelsen Kleven~50Saude Thelm.Hero
11.06.1880Kittil Nilsen Klevenlaborer24Saude Thelm.Hero
11.06.1880Christiana Ruudyoung woman20TrygstadHero
11.06.1880Thorgrim Thorstensenlaborer23SaudeHero
18.06.1880William Olsenlaborer20FredrikstadAngelo
09.07.1880Kari Pedersdatteryoung woman20VingerHero
01.04.1881Augusta Andersenyoung woman16ChristianiaHero
01.04.1881Sofie Johansenyoung woman24ChristianiaHero
01.04.1881Johannes Arvesentradesman57ChristianiaHero
22.04.1881Hakon Hansenlaborer22EkerAngelo
20.05.1881Louise Olsenyoung woman22FredrikstadAngelo
10.06.1881Guttorm Halvorsenlaborer33Naes, HallRollo
17.06.1881Hans Helgesenlaborer33OdalenAngelo
17.06.1881Karl Helgesenlaborer17OdalenAngelo
01.07.1881Eline Pedersenyoung woman18Aasnaes, SolorAngelo
08.07.1881Even Jacobsenlaborer24NumedalRollo
29.07.1881Wilhelmine C. Olsenyoung woman16GlemmingeAngelo
29.07.1881Ole P. Olsenlaborer14GlemmingeAngelo
29.07.1881Klaus M. Olsenlaborer11GlemmingeAngelo
29.07.1881Emelie Olsenchild9GlemmingeAngelo
16.09.1881Hanna Kristensenyoung woman18GrueRollo
21.10.1881Aron Andersonlaborer36OstvalskogAngelo
21.10.1881Anna Anderson~27OstvalskogAngelo
21.10.1881Oluf Andersonlaborer68OstvalskogAngelo
21.10.1881Beda Andersonyoung woman22OstvalskogAngelo
21.10.1881Alexander Andersonchild7OstvalskogAngelo
21.10.1881Ole Andersonchild4OstvalskogAngelo
21.10.1881Anna Andersonchild11mOstvalskogAngelo
20.01.1882Andrine Johnsenyoung woman22ChristianiaAngelo
20.01.1882Oleana Arvesen~60ChristianiaAngelo
08.03.1882Thor Larsen~50Naes Hedem.Rollo
31.03.1882Allette Hansenyoung woman21AskimAngelo
07.04.1882Andreas Johansenlaborer28DalslandRollo
14.04.1882Maren Johansenyoung woman23RingerikeAngelo
14.04.1882Gulbrand Johansenlaborer21RingerikeAngelo
21.04.1882Thorsten Thorstensenlaborer48GranRollo
21.04.1882Kersti Thorstensen~46GranRollo
21.04.1882Thorvald Thorstensenlaborer18GranRollo
21.04.1882Guttorm Thorstensenlaborer15GranRollo
19.05.1882Sivert Arnesenlaborer46Naes Hall.Rollo
01.06.1882Peder R. Lokenlaborer23ElverumThingvalla
09.06.1882Gulbrand Helgesenlaborer32DrammenAngelo
16.06.1882Olaf Hansenlaborer54ChristianiaRollo
23.06.1882Georg J. Hansenlaborer17ChristianiaAngelo
14.07.1882Tilda Kristofersenyoung woman20GjovikRollo
11.08.1882Martine Mikalsenyoung woman20EkerRollo
11.08.1882Mikal Hansenlaborer33EkerRollo
21.09.1882Peter Henriksenlaborer56EkerThingvalla
21.09.1882Thea Henriksenyoung woman19EkerThingvalla
21.09.1882Amalie Jacobsenyoung woman24EkerThingvalla
10.11.1882Oline Henriksen~29Oster TotenAngelo
10.11.1882Marie Henriksenchild4Oster TotenAngelo
20.04.1883Karl Eriksonlaborer22EkerAngelo
20.04.1883Emil Eriksonlaborer20EkerAngelo
27.04.1883Johanne Hansen~47SanneRollo
27.04.1883Hans Kristian Hansen~20SanneRollo
27.04.1883Ovidia Hansenchild11SanneRollo
27.04.1883Eline Hansenchild9SanneRollo
27.04.1883Jenny Hansenchild6SanneRollo
04.05.1883Anna Amundsenyoung woman19StangeAngelo
17.05.1883Inger Johannesenyoung woman21LunderAngelo
17.05.1883Alethe Johannesenyoung woman18LunderAngelo
01.06.1883Ingeborg Ulriksenyoung woman18N. AurdalAngelo
22.06.1883Anders Jacobsenlaborer22FlesbergRollo
28.06.1883Ole Olsencarpenter61ÅdalenIsland
28.06.1883Live Olsen~61ÅdalenIsland
28.06.1883Helle Gulfpladsenyoung woman22ÅdalIsland
10.08.1883Maren O. Stenbergyoung woman27EkerAngelo
10.08.1883Hans Stenberglaborer16EkerAngelo
10.08.1883Karl Stenbergchild11EkerAngelo
10.08.1883Anna Stenbergchild10EkerAngelo
10.08.1883Nilsine Stenbergchild7EkerAngelo
10.08.1883Gunda Stenbergchild10mEkerAngelo
04.10.1883Grethe Hansen~38MjondalenHeimdahl
04.10.1883Mina Hansenchild11MjondalenHeimdahl
04.10.1883Anna Hansenchild9MjondalenHeimdahl
04.10.1883Adolf Hansenchild7MjondalenHeimdahl
04.10.1883Harald Hansenchild4MjondalenHeimdahl
04.10.1883Lina Hansenchild10mMjondalenHeimdahl
09.07.1886Olea Pedersenyoung woman26NorderhovRollo
09.07.1886Karen Rundfloenyoung woman30TrysildRollo
22.07.1886Maria Olsonyoung woman20WermlandIsland
12.10.1886Maren Nicoline Nielsenyoung woman28ModumGeiser
12.10.1886Gunnild Tarmenchild9mModumGeiser
08.04.1887Gustaf Pettersonlaborer22Orebro LaenMarstin
14.04.1887Theodor Halvorsenlaborer43ModumGeiser
14.04.1887Helene Nilsen~36ModumGeiser
14.04.1887Karen Kristiansenyoung woman18ModumGeiser
14.04.1887Karoline Olsenchild11ModumGeiser
14.04.1887Nils Olsenchild7ModumGeiser
14.04.1887Gunhild Olsenchild4ModumGeiser
14.04.1887Olga Olsenchild2ModumGeiser
20.05.1887Johan Pedersonlaborer21RingerikeMarsdin
20.05.1887Maria Nilsonyoung woman25RingerikeMarsdin
20.05.1887Andreas Pedersenlaborer24RingerikeMarsdin
04.08.1887Nicoline Kristiansenyoung woman20VestfossenGeiser
18.08.1887Karen Johansenyoung woman18VikersundIsland
18.08.1887Bertha Nilsen~43VikersundIsland
18.08.1887Inga Nilsenchild7VikersundIsland
19.08.1887Helge Olsenfarmer56Naes HallRollo
20.04.1888Kari Jacobsenyoung woman18GudbrandsdalenAngelo
01.04.1892Borgine Jacobsenyoung woman23EkerAngelo
01.04.1892Ole O. Doviglaborer18EkerAngelo
19.10.1897Olga Nilsenfarmer23Lillehammervia Goteborg
Thanks to Sheryl, Minnesota State Coordinator for providing this information Meeker County

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The Civil War in Meeker County, Minnesota

Of the early settlers in the county, many of them remain, while others have gone to parts unknown, or paid the debt of nature. There are from 75 to 25 voters who now reside in the county who were here prior to the commencement of the Indian War. The financial…

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Christian, Swedish and Catholic Churches

Christian, Swedish and Catholic Churches This church was organized in 1871 with a membership of 38 persons, by Elder L. Y. Bailey. Trustees-Chauncy Butler, G. B. Lyon, V. H. Harris. Membership in 1876, about 40. Present officers Chauncy Butler, S. W. Leavett, V. H. Harris. The names of the clergymen…

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Capt. Strout Ordered to Forest City

On the 24th of August Capt. Strout was ordered to Forest City via Glencoe and Hutchinson but deeming Forest City the safest place, from his stand point, came up the Mississippi direct to the latter place, arriving on the eve of the 27th, and went into camp near the law…

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How the Boys Got Out of Acton

When Captain Strout was informed that a party of Indians were camped about three miles off there was considerable excitement among the boys, but few slept that night. The old condemned Belgian guns furnished Captain Strout’s men by Uncle Sam to scare the red men with, and which most of…

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Captain Strout’s Report

There were eighteen wounded, Captain Strout in his official report says: “The loss of the corn pang in this encounter was three men killed and fifteen wounded, some of them severely, all were, however, brought from the field.” The reader will notice a material discrepancy in regard to the dead….

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Additional Towns of Meeker County

Swan Lake, was named after a lake of that name in this township-originally part of Kingston. The first settlers were men by the name of Ayres and Richardson in 1856, from Mexico, N. Y. They were surveyors. They left in 1862 and the Indians soon burned their cabin. After the…

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