Biography of George E. Perley of Moorehead Minnesota

George E. Perley, a respected figure in Moorhead, established himself as a prominent professional and businessperson. After a successful career in law and insurance, he became the proprietor of the George E. Perley Farm Loan Agency. He has served in various legislative and civic roles, displaying progressive and liberal-minded values. Mr. Perley is known for his eloquence, versatility in writing, and passion for music.

George E Perley
George E Perley

George E. Perley, a long-time resident of Moorhead and one of its prominent and solid professional and businessmen, was born and raised on a New Hampshire farm, where conditions were not altogether easy but where the best early training for life and its problems is readily found. He graduated from Kimball Union Academy and Dartmouth College and was the principal of the Charlestown, N. H., high school for two years. He studied law at Claremont, N. H., in the office of Hon. Ira Colby. In 1883, he was admitted to the bar of New Hampshire, and a few months later was admitted with credit to the Boston bar. He immediately commenced the practice of law in Boston, which he continued until May 1884 when the call of the West became loud and insistent. He emigrated to the Red River Valley and Moorhead, first marrying and bringing with him the girl of his choice, Miss M. Etta Jones, of Windsor, Vt. Here he formed a partnership with John B. Wellcome, late of Butte, Mont., deceased, in law, insurance, and investments. Upon the removal of Mr. Wellcome to Montana, he continued the business alone. He is the proprietor and manager of the George E. Perley Farm Loan Agency, with the main office in Moorhead and several branch offices at other points in northern Minnesota.

Mr. Perley has twice represented Clay County in the legislature and has served two terms as Alderman of his city. In the legislature of 1905, he was the author and promoter of the famous “Perley Bill,” which divorced the State University from the board of control and became a law. In politics, Mr. Perley is a Republican, and in church affiliations, he is a Congregationalist. In public affairs, he is a progressive and liberal-minded citizen. He has been a member of the city board of education for many years and has been its president for much of that time. He is a trustee of Fargo College in Fargo, N.D., the secretary of the public library board, and a corporate member of the American Board of Foreign Missions. He is a forceful speaker, a versatile writer, and an enthusiastic musician. Mr. and Mrs. Perley have one daughter, Grace.


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