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Elected Military Officers, Meeker County, Minnesota

J. B. Atkinson 1st Lieutenant H.. Stevens 2nd Lieutenant Wm. Branham 1st. Sergeant H. S. Howe 2nd Sergeant Dan. McGraw 3d Sergeant F. G. Gould 4th Sergeant A. F. Heath 1st Corporal H. J. Hill 2nd Corporal T. C. Jewett 3rd Corporal Sam Hutchins 4th Corporal J. M. Harvey 5th Corporal R. B. Ralston 6th Corporal N. H. White 7th Corporal A. B. Hoyt 8th...

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Mustered in August 24th 1862, Meeker County, Minnesota

J. B. Atkinson M. Gorton Jas. M Harvey O. B. Todd A. F. Heath G. W. Waggoner J. Heath Wm.. Caswell H. J. Hill J. V.. Branham jr. G. S. Sholes sen. Jerome Rogers S.W. White Chas. D. Maybee Herman Kruger Jas. Lang Sylvester Stevens Oliver Gibbins Samuel Hutchins Patrick Condon T C. Jewett Albert Sperry J. H. Bradshaw W. Johnson A. C. Smith Andrew Nelson Michael McGraw J. B. Garrison Dan. McGraw Geo. R. Page Thos. Grayson C. E. Payson Jesse F. Cobb Jos. Thomas Thos. Ragan Henry L. Smith Oslog Olson H. Stevens Alfred Mousley F. G. Gould Alga Olson A. B. Hoyt E. A. Chapin Wm. Branham D. Chapin R. B. Ralston Eli Gibbins Wm. Wilcox Henry Johnson H. S, Howe H. Mickelson A. Hamilton Lory Smith N. H White H. Lutons Chas. Kruger D. M. Holbrook H. Behrmann Nels Tornom E....

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