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Meeker County, Minnesota County Officials 1856-1876

The following is a list of men who served in administrative capacity in the county of Meeker, Minnesota from 1856-1876. County Commissioners 1856-1876, Meeker County, Minnesota 1856 – Thos H Skinner, F N Ripley and J Huy 1857-J T Kinnison, John Wigle, J W Griswold 1858-J Wigle, J T Kinnison and T G Gould 1858-9–A P Whitney, John Wigle, Mark Warren, Peter Ritchie, Ziba Caswell and J V Branham, Sen 1859–Peter Ritchie, Mark Warren, John Wigle, Chas Low, Robert Lang and J W Dame 1860–E M Whitney, Mark Warren and Linus Howe 1861-J C Whitney, Peter Ritchie and J...

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Biography of Dr. Frederick Noah Ripley

Dr. Ripley arrived at Shakopee, Scott county, Minnesota, in September 1853, and resided at that place, boarding at the “Warren House” during the years 1853-4. He came from New York city, where he was educated, and where he left a mother and an intended wife. In 1855, he first made his appearance in the small village of Minneapolis — a slightly built man, of refined and gentlemanly appearance; possessing copious stores of useful and instructive information; richly endowed with all the natural gifts of an enlarged mind and liberal understanding; full of high hopes and vigorous promise, who in...

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Biography of Lucy Ann Lobdell Slater

Biography of Lucy Ann Lobdell Slater – A Wild Woman’s History: The Slayer Of Hundreds Of Bears And Wild-Cats! As published by A. C. Smith, A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota: from its first settlement to July 4th, 1876, p. 98-111. Litchfield, Minn.: Belfoy & Joubert, 1877.

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G. C. Whitcomb Clamed to be Captain

G. C. Whitcomb clamed to be Captain by virtue of Col. Sibley’s commission and his receipt for the guns and refused to give them up under any other circumstance. The following were thereupon elected officers, The 44 Springfield Muskets were distributed to the men as far as they went remainder unarmed, except with a few Belgian guns that had been re-ceived from some quarter, and as it was thought best to have the men armed, all mounted,. and as we had but 15 horses and it was ascertained that a a party of skedadlers were yet lingering in King ston, a detail was made to the extent of all the horses on hand, with a man and gun on each, to go to Kingston and seize horses. The following were detailed for that pleasing duty. Name Rank J. B. Atkinson 1 st Lieutenant H. J. Hill 2nd Corp’l Wm . Branham 1st Sergeant T. C. Jewett 3rd Sergeant H S. Howe 2nd Sergeant Sam Hutchins 4th Sergeant I A. F. Heath 1st Corp B. B. Ralston 5th Corp O. B. Todd Private W. Waggoner Private C. McGraw Private Michael McGraw Private H. Kroger Private F. G. Gould Private A. Hamilton Private Eight officers and seven privates-and this was the first military movement in the county, and was made of the right material. They went to Kingston armed and equipped,...

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Volunteers from Meeker County

Volunteers from Meeker County   Names Regiment &c. Angier, Albert Third Allen, L. D Fourth Atkinson, J. B. Capt. Artil Bradshaw, J. H . Third Butler, Daniel Fourth Brink, J. A. Scout Baldwin, S D L Fourth Borgusrode, R Fifth Bennett, Wm P Hatch Bat. Branham, E. F. Second Branham, Wm 2d Cavalry Campbell. Dan Second Campbell Wm M. (re-enlisted as Vet’n) Cavalry Campbell E A  (re-enlisted as Vet’n) Cavalry Clinton, H Second Chapin Isaac Second Cates W S Fourth Caswell, William Cavalry Deary, James 2d Cavalry Delong, Albert Scout DeCoster, F V 4th, Cap. Dunn, James W Fourth Evans, Ed Bracks. Bat Eastman, Rufus First Fisher, Jasper 2nd Cavalry Fitzgerald, John 2nd Cavalry Flynn, Michael 2nd Cavalry Fallon, Thomas Fourth Fallon, John Fourth Foster, William Third Grayson, Thomas Hatch Bat. Howe, Frank Hatch Bat. Howe, Henry S Hatch Bat. Hutchins, Samuel Cavalry Hall, Wm H Fourth Hutchins,Charles Second Hutchins, Moses Second Hoyt, Azro Buck 16th Wis. Johnson, Lorain Third Johnson, William Cavalry Jackson, Gilbert Second Johnson, Chris Second Koch, Wm. Cavalry Koch, Maximilian Cavalry Koch, Louis Heavy Artil Kennedy, V. P Fifth Lawrence, A. C. Fourth Luton, Henry Cavalry Little, G. W. P. Cavalry Larson, Andrew Cavalry Mixter, Horace Sharp Shoot McCaun, Michael Fourth McGraw, Daniel Hatch Bat. McGraw, Cornelius Hatch Bat. Murphy, James Eighth Mattson, Paul Sixth Mickelson, H Cavalry Maybee, Chas Hatch Bat. McGaffy, Henry Sharp...

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Meeker County Immigration-Norwegians-Trondheim Port

Meeker County Immigration-Norwegians-Trondheim Port DepartureNameOccupationAgeResidenceShip 17.07.1879Peder Pedersen Haavelaborer20SelboTasso 11.05.1880Eli Florenyoung woman64Ovre StordalenPacific 04.05.1881Petrus Arntsenlaborer21TromsoTasso 04.05.1881Ingeborg H. Saethernaeswife29BodTasso 05.05.1881Lars Olsenlaborer21StrindenArgo 05.05.1881Esten Vigenlaborer27StrindenTasso 05.05.1881Ole Vigenlaborer25StrindenTasso 18.05.1881Ingeborg Tomassenyoung woman33SaelboTasso 23.06.1881Hans K. Hanssenlaborer21TromsoDomino 21.06.1881Jakob M. Johansenfisherman35Tromsovia Christiania & Bremen 21.06.1881Marie Johansenwife32Tromsovia Christiania & Bremen 28.07.1881Peder A. Hemmingsenlaborer27BalsfjordenTasso 28.07.1881Elen Hemmingsenwife27BalsfjordenTasso 28.07.1881Allette Hemmingsendaughter3BalsfjordenTasso 28.07.1881Hans Hemmingsenson6mBalsfjordenTasso 07.07.1881Hans Olsenfisherman17MalangenDomino 07.07.1881Konstanse Olsenwife17MalangenDomino 07.07.1881Ole A. Olsenfisherman30BalsfjordenDomino 07.07.1881Ole E. Olsenfisherman23BalsfjordenDomino 07.07.1881Peter Larssenfisherman28BalsfjordenDomino 14.07.1881Martin Larssenlaborer22BalsfjordenTasso 14.07.1881Nikoline Larssenwife24BalsfjordenTasso 14.07.1881Ingebrigt Jenssenfisherman40BalsfjordenTasso 14.07.1881Lars Larssenfisherman25BalsfjordenTasso 14.07.1881Petrine Larssenwife26BalsfjordenTasso 14.07.1881Lorine Larssendaughter2BalsfjordenTasso 14.07.1881Lars Larssenson6mBalsfjordenTasso 21.09.1881Henrik Hanssenlaborer25TromsoTasso 15.03.1882Anders Petersentradesman30Throndhjemvia Christiania 15.03.1882Marta Petersenwife28Throndhjemvia Christiania 15.03.1882Henrik Petersenson11Throndhjemvia Christiania 15.03.1882Peder Petersenson6Throndhjemvia Christiania 03.05.1882Josefine Johansenlaborer19TromsoTasso 03.05.1882Elen Jonsenlaborer22TromsoTasso 07.06.1882Karoline Larssenworker24VelfjordenHero 07.06.1882Aadel Larssenson6mVelfjordenHero 07.06.1882Johanna Hanssenlaborer25VelfjordenHero 14.06.1882Kirsten M. Bjerkliworker55HemnaesTasso 14.06.1882Andrine Bjerkliworker53HemnaesTasso 14.06.1882Johan Larssenlaborer18HemnaesTasso 23.08.1882Johan Enoksenlaborer29BalsfjordenTasso 23.08.1882Marta Olsenworker22BalsfjordenTasso 20.09.1882Emma Bergstromworker22SverigeTasso 20.09.1882Peder Bergstromson3SverigeTasso 20.09.1882Marie Bergstromdaughter9mSverigeTasso 30.05.1884Anna Arntsenlaborer16TysfjordHero 06.06.1883Brita L. Larssenlaborer18SverigeTasso 02.04.1884Torsten Jakobsenlaborer20SellHero 02.04.1884Anders Voldlaborer20SellHero 02.04.1884Kari Olsdatterworker40SellHero 02.04.1884Jon Olsenson9SellHero 02.04.1884Elen Olsendaughter8SellHero 02.04.1884Brita Olsendaughter7SellHero 02.04.1884Emma Olsendaughter4SellHero 06.05.1885Arnt Johnsenlaborer18AureHero 04.06.1885Petrine P. Garstadlaborer45VigtenHero 04.06.1885Anne M. Garstaddaughter17VigtenHero 04.06.1885Johan E. Garstadson17VigtenHero 04.06.1885Peder J. Garstadson15VigtenHero 04.06.1885Barne C. Garstadson13VigtenHero 04.06.1885Petter O. Garstadson10VigtenHero 04.06.1885Cler L. Garstadson5VigtenHero 04.06.1885Elen P. Garstaddaughter8VigtenHero 04.06.1885Anna F. Garstaddaughter3VigtenHero 03.08.1885Petra Dahllaborer25Thjemvia Christiania 03.08.1885Adolf Dahllaborer3Thjemvia Christiania 21.04.1886Anders Paulsenlaborer23ThjemHero 21.04.1886Jacob Christiansenlaborer22RendalenHero 21.04.1886Ludvig Byelaborer21ThjemHero 16.06.1886Hans sen Andreassenlaborer60BalsfjordenHero 26.01.1888Holm Hansenlaborer18BalsfjordenHero 13.06.1888Isak Pedersenlaborer21LyngenHero 13.06.1888Mikel Larsenlaborer23LyngenHero 13.06.1888Ole Klemetsenlaborer28LyngenHero 04.07.1888Kari Jacobsenlaborer32RendalenJuno 04.07.1888Hans Jacobsenchild11RendalenJuno 04.07.1888Iver Jacobsenchild10RendalenJuno 04.07.1888Anton Jacobsenchild8RendalenJuno 04.07.1888Karen Jacobsenchild7RendalenJuno 04.07.1888Ragnhild Jacobsenchild4RendalenJuno 04.07.1888Marie Jacobsenchild11mRendalenJuno 03.09.1890Marianne Nilsenlaborer26N. StordalenHero 29.07.1891Anton H. Nilsenlaborer18ThjemDomino 06.03.1901Simon Andersen Hagenlaborer31ThjemSpero 06.03.1901Ole Julius Andersen Hagenlaborer22ThjemSpero 13.11.1903Hans Henriksen Ronsberglaborer1887HommelvikSalmo 17.02.1904Anders M. Jensenlaborer1885NaesneTasso 30.03.1904Konrad Holmgrenlaborer1884SverigeTasso 06.04.1904Karl P. J. Arntsen Vestviglaborer1870StenkjearSalmo 24.5.1905Serine Westvig~1849BeistadenTasso...

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Towns of Meeker County

Greenleaf; named after Hon. Wm. H Greenleaf, who first commenced improvements by the erection of a mill dam on the site of the village of that name, and the subsequent erection of a flour and saw mill. The first settlers of this Congressional Township were three brothers Wm., Herman and Charles Kruger, in the spring of 1857, originally attached to the town of Ness-organized as town of Greenleaf, August 27, I859, including 118-29, 30 and 31, except sections 1 to 6 inclusive. When we first saw Wm. H. Greenleaf, he was standing up to his knees in the mud in the outlet of “Lake Willie,” artistically laying up the sods with his hands, in a fruitless endeavor to prevent water from running down hill ! We are glad to say that he has had far better luck at other business since. Lake Willie was named after U. S. Willie, Esq., a young lawyer who lived a year or two at Forest City, and died there. Two gentlemen by the name of Orcutt and Pratt effected a settlement in this town in 1856, on land now owned by Vincent Coombs. They plowed about 3 acres, and while at dinner one day the Indians killed one of their oxen, which broke up their team, and becoming disheartened deserted their claims and went to Forest City where they, remained till fall when...

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Supreme Court

Something is due to our “Supreme Court,” presided over at times by Judges Butler, Ritchie, Geo. Frid, Robson, Griswold, Atkinson, Stevens, Walker, Campbell, Hutchins and a host of others. Jurisdiction depended somewhat on who got hold of the case first. In 1859 a case came before Judge Ritchie of Acton. Mark Piper and Nathan Butler acted as attorneys. Piper made a motion to “quash the summons” on the ground that the letters, s. s. were not attached to “The State of Minnesota Meeker County This was a poser for Butler and his argument therein was not the most lucid, but the motion was overruled and judgment entered for Pl’ff for the value of one “Opossum supper” proved to have been unfortunately eaten on some former occasion in the early history of the county by the defendant. Subsequently both attorneys enquired of us what connection those magic letters had in the diagnosis of the case. If we remember rightly we informed them that the s. s. stood for “simplicity simplified,” referring to the “code” and that no case could be prosecuted without recognizing “the code” by the addition of the s. s. The same summer we had a case before Hutchins, J. P. of Kingston, in which our old friend Fitzgerald appeared as both client and counsel against us, and moved to dismiss on the ground that the justice had...

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Second day of September

On the morning of the second day of September another detail of twenty soldiers and twenty citizens was sent out for the purpose of rescuing the family mentioned before, and as all could not be mounted it was thought best to go in wagons. The detail had proceeded as far as where Hoken Peterson formerly resided when they halted for dinner. Some of the boys being near home obtained leave to visit the house about one mile from camp, on promise that they would bring back watermelons for the whole company-after being gone a short time one of them came running back with his arms full of melons and crying Indians! Indians!! The company being unable to see any Indians from their location in the low ground one of the party was ordered “to run his head out on the knoll, “near by “and take a look.” He did so and reported twelve Indians advancing from the timber near by, in the direction of camp, and after being ordered back by the Captain, looking around he saw some twenty or more mounted Indians approaching on our west, and the teams were at once ordered to retreat in the direction of Forest City, And they did retreat for a fact. It was a race for life and home. Their mama’s didn’t know they were out! Horses that were a little...

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Protestant Episcopal Church

Rev. T. G. Crump commenced holding Episcopal services in the Masonic Hall in Litchfield in July 1870. At the time of the morning service on Sunday the 5th, and 12th, days, of March 1871 notice was publicly given for a meeting of the male members of the Protestant Episcopal Church and congregation to be held in the Masonic Hall in Litchfield Saturday evening the 18th day of March A. D. 1871. Rev. T. G. Crump presided at such meeting and D. E. Potter was chosen secretary. A permanent organization was had, the following persons were elected church wardens and vestry men. J. C. Braden Sr. Warden, C. H. Strobeck Jr Warden. Vestry-D. E. Potter, G. H. Chapman, H. G. Rising, J. M. Mitchell, B. O. Esping, W. S. Brill and J. M. Waldron Rev. T. G. Crump, Rector. Four of the seven first vestrymen are now gone from the county. Present Wardens and Vestry, James C. Braden, Chas. H. Strobeck, Wardens, N. A. Viren, S. H. Wood, P. Ekstrom, F. E Bissel, W. S. Brill. S. A. Plumley, Vestry. H. Stevens, Treas. J. H. Morris Sec. The lots on which the Rectory now stands were the gift of Herman Trott Esq. Land Commissioner, and other parties connected with the. St. Paul & Pacific Rail Road Company. The lots on which the church edifice and parish school house stand were...

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