Meeker County

A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota title page

Protestant Episcopal Church

Rev. T. G. Crump commenced holding Episcopal services in the Masonic Hall in Litchfield in July 1870. At the time of the morning service on Sunday the 5th, and 12th, days, of March 1871 notice was publicly given for a meeting of the male members of the Protestant Episcopal Church and congregation to be held in the Masonic Hall in Litchfield Saturday evening the 18th day of March A. D. 1871. Rev. T. G. Crump presided at such meeting and D. E. Potter was chosen secretary. A permanent organization was had, the following persons were elected church wardens and vestry …

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A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota title page

Presbyterian Church, Meeker County, Minnesota

The first Presbyterian Church and society organized in the county of Meeker was at Forest City by Rev. J. C. Whitney, who came to Forest City in the spring of 1858 and organized a Presbyterian society Sept. 25th, 1859 and styled “The trustees of the Westminister Presbyterian Society of Forest City.” The first trustees were I. C. Deltmater, Richard Pool, A. C. Smith, J. W. Griswold and A. W. Angier. The only one of these men now remaining in the county is A. C. Smith. In connection with this organization Rev. J. C. Whitney labored until the fall of 1862. …

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A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota title page

Methodist Episcopal Church in Meeker County

Rev. John Robson preached the first sermon in Forest City, November 1856. Mr. Robson continued to preach in Forest City during the winter of 1856-7 and through the summer of 1857. In May 1857, Wm. Walker, organized a Sunday school, Wait H. Dart Superintendent. Rev. Thomas Haiwood was the first preacher on the Forest City circuit, in 1857. Rev. S. F. Sterritt, of Monticello, Presiding Elder. First Quarterly Meeting held at Kingston, October l0th, 1857. Official members present, Rev. S. F. Sterritt, P. E. Thomas Harwood, P. E. and E. H. Whitney, L. E. and B. Lyford, Stewards, E. H. …

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A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota title page

Meeker County Minnesota History

Our history will be but a shadow, and the names of Ripley, Hall, Whitney, DeCoster, Campbell, Fitzgerald, Weymer, Salisbury, Dougherty, Atkinson, VanNess, Mitchell, Dorman, Taylor, Evans, Skinner, Jewett, Kennedy, Stevens, Harvey, Piper, Caswell, Angier, Willis, Dart, Whitcomb, King, Greenleaf, Branham. Fitch, Ball, Hoyt, Griswold, Grayson, Stanton, Robson, Richards, Gorton, Wakefield, Heath, Warren, Willie, Kruger, Ralston, Schultz and a score of others will soon be enveloped in doubt and fiction, like those of “Romulus and Remus of Charlemagne.” Prior to 1855 the country now embraced within the boundaries of Meeker and Kandiyohi counties, in the State of Minnesota, was occupied by …

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A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota title page

M-de-wa-kan-ton County

The whole classed as Undine (or Spiritual) region; while the entire country west of St. Anthony, and north of the “Minnesotah” was known as the M-de-wa-kan-ton country, a little west of the center of which, in latitude 45, and longitude 95, Nicollet retained as the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota, the romantic Indian name of Kan-di-yo-hi. The terms St. Anthony, Fort Snelling, Mankasa, Le Sueur, Lac qui Parle, St. Peter, Kandiyohi and Blue Earth, all find a location on Nicollet’s old map. The Coteau du Greene Bois, ranging north-west and south-east through the centre of the State, constitutes the height …

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A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota title page

Mark Warren Esq. Arrested

On the 23d. Mark Warren Esq., county Atty. for Meeker county, was arrested at Monticello and returned to Forest City under guard, on the grave charge of being a “Copperhead.” Copperheads were supposed to be in league with the Indians as well as the South. Warren was furloughed at Forest City. On the night of the 27th, while Jesse V. Branham Jr., was standing guard at the creek just out of Forest City on the south, A. C. Smith, E. S. Fitch and Mark Warren taking a circuit of the guard, came up to sentinel Branham, and while conversing with …

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A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota title page

Manannah, Meeker County, Minnesota

Manannah; was organized as a township, April 5th,1858, and originally embraced the west half of 120–31, 120-32, 121-31, and 121 32. On the 15th of November, 1855, Chris Davis, Green Sykes, Ziba Caswell and Nathan C. Caswell left Monticello, Wright County in search of a mill-site and farm-land, passing through the “big woods,” so-called, and struck the prairie near the present site of Darwin, thence north to what is now Forest City, thence down Crow River about 10 miles, and thence on a straight shoot back to Monticello. Trying it again, on the 10th day of December 1855. Ziba Caswell …

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Little Crow

The great native warrior, together with his son-young Crow, were quietly making a dinner of raspberries, when the Irishman’s bullet called him to his final account. Little Crow and son were dining together and Lamson and son were out hunting together the hunters came suddenly in sight of the Indians and seeing them first, quickly resolved that white man must scoop Indian, or Indian would scoop white man, and suiting the action to the word, and being a good shot, Lamson scooped Crow-while his son aimed at young Crow, missing him, but disabling his gun-whereupon young Crow fled and left …

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Litchfield, Meeker County, Minnesota

Litchfield, is named after another unfortunate stockholder of the Railroad company, who, it appears, resides in the -rural village of London, England. The Congressional township was originally called ” Ripley ” from the lake of that name in said town, and the lake was named from the fact that near its banks one Dr. Ripley was frozen to death in the winter of 1855-6, and his remains found and buried in the spring of 1856. Two or three years later the name was changed to “Ness” in honor of Ole Halverson Ness, Esq. This name was taken from the’ name …

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