Meeker County

Meeker History

Our history will be but a shadow, and the names of Ripley, Hall, Whitney, DeCoster, Campbell, Fitzgerald, Weymer, Salisbury, Dougherty, Atkinson, VanNess, Mitchell, Dorman, Taylor, Evans, Skinner, Jewett, Kennedy, Stevens, Harvey, Piper, Caswell, Angier, Willis, Dart, Whitcomb, King, Greenleaf, Branham. Fitch, Ball, Hoyt, Griswold, Grayson, Stanton, Robson, Richards, Gorton, Wakefield, Heath, Warren, Willie, Kruger, Ralston, …

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M-de-wa-kan-ton County

The whole classed as Undine (or Spiritual) region; while the entire country west of St. Anthony, and north of the “Minnesotah” was known as the M-de-wa-kan-ton country, a little west of the center of which, in latitude 45, and longitude 95, Nicollet retained as the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota, the romantic Indian name of …

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Little Crow

The great native warrior, together with his son-young Crow, were quietly making a dinner of raspberries, when the Irishman’s bullet called him to his final account. Little Crow and son were dining together and Lamson and son were out hunting together the hunters came suddenly in sight of the Indians and seeing them first, quickly …

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