M-de-wa-kan-ton County

The whole classed as Undine (or Spiritual) region; while the entire country west of St. Anthony, and north of the “Minnesotah” was known as the M-de-wa-kan-ton country, a little west of the center of which, in latitude 45, and longitude 95, Nicollet retained as the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota, the romantic Indian name of Kan-di-yo-hi.

The terms St. Anthony, Fort Snelling, Mankasa, Le Sueur, Lac qui Parle, St. Peter, Kandiyohi and Blue Earth, all find a location on Nicollet’s old map.

The Coteau du Greene Bois, ranging north-west and south-east through the centre of the State, constitutes the height of land from which streams flow in all directions. Small streams take their rise in Kandiyohi county and flow in all directions, the lakes being near the height of land, and are situate about 1,200 feet above the level of the sea.

Meeker and Kandiyohi counties unquestionably constitute the Garden of the State, and few will be the circling years, ere these counties will teem with the richest gifts of Ceres and be densely filled with a thriving and enterprising people, dwellings will adorn the hillsides and peep from the numerous groves surrounding sparkling lakes and en-trance the beholder as he gazes on the fairy scene outspread before him.

In 1875, Meeker county alone sent her offering to ” those who hunger for bread ” to the tune of six hundred thousand bushels of wheat, and in less than five years more, Meeker and Kandiyohi counties will be fully able to feed the entire State.

In the summer of 1855, John W. Huy and Ben Brown poled a canoe up the Crow or Hassan River in search of pine timber as far as the present site of Forest City, and made a hasty exploration of the country. D. M. Hanson. Thomas H. Skinner, Fred Schultz and Dr. Ripley arrived at the site of Forest City about the same time via Glencoe.

The following spring the county of Meeker was organized on paper County Commissioners. D. M. Hanson, Dr. Frederick, Noah Ripley and J. W. Huy; Register of Deeds, Milton G. Moore: Sheriff, Abijah Bemis.

In March, 1856, Thomas H. Skinner and John W. Huy took possession of the town-site of Forest City, and subsequently had the same surveyed and platted.


Smith, A. C., A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota: from its first settlement to July 4th, 1876,;Litchfield, Minn.: Belfoy & Joubert, 1877.

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