Harvey, Swede Grove, and Forest Prairie, Minnesota

Harvey. This town was named in honor of James Harvey, who settled in that town in 1860, and subsequently resided at Forest City during the Indian war.

Harvey was first settled by John and Thomas Dougherty in 1856. They broke 25 acres of land that summer. A man by the name of McCue came into the town about two weeks ahead of the Doughertys, but soon left. This town was , originally a part of Forest City, but set off, and organized separately in 1867.

There were no marriages or deaths in this town till 1870. Dennis Dougherty and Mary Finnegan were married in May 1870.  Ed. Dolan, a child eight years old, died the same year.

Thomas Dougherty was the first Justice of the Peace this town. His mother, Charity Britt, nee Tibbetts, came with the, family from Maine. She was born in Litchfield, Maine, April 3d, 1773, and is consequently now 103 years of age-the oldest Woman in the county, if not the state. She preempted 16o acres of land.

The site of Forest City was first located within this township, and was to have been called by the Indian name of Kar-i-shon or Krow.

Swede Grove, was first settled in 1857 by N. E. Hanson, Nels Elofson, Hans Peterson, Peter E. Lund, Nels Weylander, Andrew Peterson and John Rosencranz and a few others most, or all with families. The town was named by N. E. Hanson and Nels Elofson, from the fact that this town was settled by Swedes. This town was originally a part of Acton-was organized by itself March 15th, 1868.

Nels Elofson was appointed Post-master in 1859.

Forest Prairie-is situate north of Forest City, in the big woods, and was named Forest Prairie for the same reason that the boy named his pony ” Snow Ball” because he was black as jet.

It was called Forest Prairie because there was not a bit of prairie in the town. First settled in the spring of 1866, by Merrit B. Case, C. T. Groot, J. S. Reynolds, George Scrivner, George Smith, Mr. Polk and by Stevens and Roach, mostly with families. Next year the town was pretty well settled by the arrival of new-comers. This town was duly organized June 10th, 1867. Mr, Stoors was the first Post-master, in 1867.

Meeker County

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