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Meeker County

Biography of Lucy Ann Lobdell Slater

Biography of Lucy Ann Lobdell Slater – A Wild Woman’s History: The Slayer Of Hundreds Of Bears And Wild-Cats! As published by A. C. Smith, A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota: from its first settlement to July 4th, 1876, p. 98-111. Litchfield, Minn.: Belfoy & Joubert, 1877.

The region known as the “Big Prairie” west of the Big Woods” has been known to white settlers but 21 years, and yet the twilight of uncertainty has already thrown its shadows, and the night of forgetfulness seems about to descend and forever obscure many little incidents which, although in detail seem of little consequence yet all go to make up a readable history of any community.

The Centennial year of our great Republic seems to open up an opportunity, which the President of the United States recommended to our people to improve and place in permanent shape for preservation, the historical data of the various counties and towns of the Republic.

In a little while the venerable gentlemen who composed our first settlers will all be gathered to their fathers “their children engrossed by the empty pleasures or insignificant transactions of the “present age (or in the greedy pursuit of the almighty dollar,) will neglect to treasure up the “recollections of the past and posterity will search “in vain for memorials of the days of the Patriarchs” (Knickerbocker’s History of New York.)

Source: A Random Historical Sketch of Meeker County Minnesota, 1877

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