Meeker County, Minnesota County Officials 1856-1876

The following is a list of men who served in administrative capacity in the county of Meeker, Minnesota from 1856-1876.

County Commissioners 1856-1876, Meeker County, Minnesota

1856 – Thos H Skinner, F N Ripley and J Huy
1857-J T Kinnison, John Wigle, J W Griswold
1858-J Wigle, J T Kinnison and T G Gould
1858-9–A P Whitney, John Wigle, Mark Warren, Peter Ritchie, Ziba Caswell and J V Branham, Sen
1859–Peter Ritchie, Mark Warren, John Wigle, Chas Low, Robert Lang and J W Dame
1860–E M Whitney, Mark Warren and Linus Howe
1861-J C Whitney, Peter Ritchie and J V Branham Sen
1862-Chas E Cutts, E B Kingsley, E A Chapin, E H Whitney, Jas B Atkinson and Sam Taylor
1863–Geo. S Sholes Sen, H Hall and Moody Caswell
1864–Geo S Sholes Sen H Hall, Michael Johnson and F McCusker
1865-6–G S Sholes, Sen., H. Hall and Ziba Caswell
1867–M J Flynn, H Hall and Ziba Caswell
1868–W H Dart, S Y Gordon and A N Fosen
1869-Wm E Graham J B Atkinson A N Fosen
1870–J B Atkinson, W E Graham and H Halverson
1871-J A C Waller, Evan Evanson, H C Bull, Patrick Flynn and N C Hines
1872–Evan Evanson, N C Hines, Patrick Flynn, H C Bull and Chauncy Butler
1873–C Butler, N C Hines, Evan Evanson, Patrick Flynn, and Henry Clay
1875–C Butler, Evan Evanson, H Clay, B F Spaulding, and Jos Hubbard
1875–Evan Evanson, H Halverson, H Clay; Jos Hubbard and B F Spaulding
1876-Evan Evanson, H Halverson, Jos Hubbard, Louis Rudberg and B F Spaulding.

On page 9 of this History, we gave the name of D M Hanson as one of the first County Commissioners the record does not so show.

County Officers, Meeker County, Minnesota


1858-9 T. H. Skinner, Reg of Deeds, ex-officio
1860- land part of 62 D.P. Delamatter
1862-3-4 Jas. M. Harvey
1864 M. W. Piper, apponted. Resigned in 1865
1865 Charles E. Cutts appointed
1865-6-7-8-9-70 Jesse V. Branham, Jun.
1871-2-3-4 John Blackwell
1875-6 Hamlet Stevens


1858-9-60 Wm Richards.
1861-2 Mark Warren
1863-4-5-6 A C Smith
1867 Thos S Brown resigned, Henry Wilson appointed
1869 part of ’70 Henry Hill
1870 Chas B. Howell
1871-2 F Belfoy
1873-4 C H Strobeck
1875-6 E A Campbell

Registers of Deeds

1856 Milton G Moore
1557-8-9 60 T H Skinner
1861-2 T C Jewett
1863 T H Skinner till he died
1863-4 Hamlet Stevens
1865 E H Whitney,
1866 Jas M Harvey.
1867-8-9-70 John Blackwell.
1871-2-3-4-5-6 N A Viren

Clerks of Court

1860-1-2-3 J A Stanton.
1864-5-6 J N Harvey.
1867-8.9-70-71 John Blackwell.
1872-3-4-5-6 S W

Judges of Probate

1857 H N Baker.
1860-1-2.3 A C Smith.
1864 E H Whitney.
1865 Jas M Harvey.
1866-7 C B Jordan.
1868 Henry Wilson.
1869-70 John M Waldron.
1871-2 C B Howell.
1873-4 F V DeCoster.
1875 John Blackwell, till he died.
1875-6 S A Plumley.


1856 Abijah Bemis
1857-8-9 T Jewett
1860-1 E S Fitch
1862 John Wigle
Part of 1862-3-4 J B Atkinson,
1864-5-6-7 Geo S Sholes Jr.
1868-9 A A Sanford
1870-1-2-3 Wm M Campbell
1874-5-6 N J March


Smith, A. C., A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota: from its first settlement to July 4th, 1876,;Litchfield, Minn.: Belfoy & Joubert, 1877.

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