Elected Military Officers, Meeker County, Minnesota

  • J. B. Atkinson 1st Lieutenant
  • H.. Stevens 2nd Lieutenant
  • Wm. Branham 1st. Sergeant
  • H. S. Howe 2nd Sergeant
  • Dan. McGraw 3d Sergeant
  • F. G. Gould 4th Sergeant
  • A. F. Heath 1st Corporal
  • H. J. Hill 2nd Corporal
  • T. C. Jewett 3rd Corporal
  • Sam Hutchins 4th Corporal
  • J. M. Harvey 5th Corporal
  • R. B. Ralston 6th Corporal
  • N. H. White 7th Corporal
  • A. B. Hoyt 8th Corporal

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