Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Hans Rushfeldt of Hawley Minnesota

Hans Rushfeldt, a Norwegian immigrant born on October 5, 1849, played a vital role in the development of Hawley, Minnesota. After arriving in the United States in 1869, he worked on construction trains and engaged in railroad projects. Eventually, he settled in Hawley and established a successful hardware store, which expanded over the years. In addition to his business ventures, Rushfeldt actively participated in fraternal organizations and was an influential figure in local politics. He married Helen Olson in 1882, and together they raised nine children. Their contributions to the community have left a lasting impact.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Fred Herring of Hawley Minnesota

Fred Herring, a highly regarded citizen of Hawley, Minnesota, was born in Sandford-on-Thames, England, in 1867. After receiving his education in Oxford, he worked as a teacher and later as a bookkeeper in a grocery store with a sub-postal station, gaining valuable knowledge of postal service operations. In 1894, he immigrated to the United States and settled in Hitterdal, Minnesota, before moving to Hawley. Fred became the seventh postmaster of Hawley in 1907, bringing efficiency and systematic methods to his work. He actively participated in social and religious activities, and his commitment to temperance and community improvement earned him widespread respect. Fred and his wife, Victoria, have three children: Made-line E., Bertha E., and William James.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Dr. Knut Olai E. Heimark of Hawley Minnesota

Dr. Knut Olai E. Heimark, the first white child born in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota, has made significant contributions as a physician and a businessperson. Born on a farm in 1873, he grew up witnessing his father’s determination and success in establishing a homestead. Dr. Heimark pursued his education, graduating from St. Olaf Academy and the University of Minnesota before obtaining his medical degree. He established a thriving medical practice in Hawley, becoming a leading figure in the Red River Valley. Alongside his professional success, he also manages a splendid farm and an elegant home. Dr. Heimark is actively involved in local politics and community organizations.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Andrew Johnson of Hawley Minnesota

Andrew Johnson, a diligent and ethical businessman, has risen to prominence in Hawley, Minnesota. Originally from Norway, Johnson immigrated to the United States in 1877 and settled in Ettrick, Wisconsin. After working as a carpenter and wagon maker, he moved to Hawley in 1879 and established his own carpenter’s shop. Through hard work and prosperity, Johnson formed a successful partnership with Peter Larson, operating a planing mill and lumber business. Expanding his ventures further, he purchased a store and transformed it into a comprehensive and modern department store. Johnson’s son, Elbert, manages the store, while Andrew himself engages in community affairs and various business endeavors. With his notable achievements and involvement in the community, Johnson is highly regarded in Hawley.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Axel W. Peterson of Hawley Minnesota

Axel W. Peterson, a prominent businessman in Hawley, Minnesota, has built a successful career through hard work and determination. Born in Sweden in 1870, he immigrated to the United States with his family at a young age and settled in Minnesota. After completing his education, Peterson worked various jobs before eventually opening his own store in Hawley. Known for his savvy buying skills and effective advertising, he has managed to attract a significant amount of trade to his business. While his commitment to work has limited his social engagements, Peterson is an active member of local organizations and a respected figure in the community. He is happily married to Lena, and they have four children together.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Adna Colburn of Hawley, Minnesota

Adna Colburn, is one of the steady going, hard working men who deserve honorable mention in connection with the history of Clay county, Minnesota. A native of Massachusetts, he was born March 7, 1834, and is one of eight children born to Adna and Clarissa (Cutter) Colburn. His brother, Justice Colburn, was a soldier in the Civil War, and now lives in Lake City, Minnesota Four sisters, one of whom, Jane, was the first teacher in Hawley, are all married and have families. One brother and one sister died in early life. Our subject first attended the district schools in …

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