Greenleaf was named after Hon. Wm. H Greenleaf, who first commenced improvements by the erection of a mill dam on the site of the village of that name, and the subsequent erection of a flour and saw mill. The first settlers of this Congressional Township were three brothers Wm., Herman and Charles Kruger, in the spring of 1857, originally attached to the town of Ness-organized as town of Greenleaf, August 27, I859, including 118-29, 30 and 31, except sections 1 to 6 inclusive.

1916 Map of Meeker County MN

Towns of Meeker County

Cedar Mills Cedar Mills town took its name from Cedar Lake, situate in that locality, and the lake received its christening at the hands of Nicollet and Fremont, from the fact of an island in the lake covered with red cedar. It was hence designated on the old map as Ran-ti-tia-wita, the Indian for Red Cedar Island Lake. This town was first settled in 1856 by Daniel Cross, who was killed by the Indians in 1862. The widow and family of three children still reside on the old claim. In 1857 R. J. Brodwell, O. S. Merriam, Philander Ball, Geo. […]

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A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota title page

Presbyterian Church, Meeker County, Minnesota

The first Presbyterian Church and society organized in the county of Meeker was at Forest City by Rev. J. C. Whitney, who came to Forest City in the spring of 1858 and organized a Presbyterian society Sept. 25th, 1859 and styled “The trustees of the Westminister Presbyterian Society of Forest City.” The first trustees were I. C. Deltmater, Richard Pool, A. C. Smith, J. W. Griswold and A. W. Angier. The only one of these men now remaining in the county is A. C. Smith. In connection with this organization Rev. J. C. Whitney labored until the fall of 1862.

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A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota title page

Mark Warren Esq. Arrested

On the 23d. Mark Warren Esq., county Atty. for Meeker county, was arrested at Monticello and returned to Forest City under guard, on the grave charge of being a “Copperhead.” Copperheads were supposed to be in league with the Indians as well as the South. Warren was furloughed at Forest City. On the night of the 27th, while Jesse V. Branham Jr., was standing guard at the creek just out of Forest City on the south, A. C. Smith, E. S. Fitch and Mark Warren taking a circuit of the guard, came up to sentinel Branham, and while conversing with

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