Methodist Episcopal Church in Meeker County

Rev. John Robson preached the first sermon in Forest City, November 1856. Mr. Robson continued to preach in Forest City during the winter of 1856-7 and through the summer of 1857. In May 1857, Wm. Walker, organized a Sunday school, Wait H. Dart Superintendent. Rev. Thomas Haiwood was the first preacher on the Forest City circuit, in 1857. Rev. S. F. Sterritt, of Monticello, Presiding Elder. First Quarterly Meeting held at Kingston, October l0th, 1857. Official members present, Rev. S. F. Sterritt, P. E. Thomas Harwood, P. E. and E. H. Whitney, L. E. and B. Lyford, Stewards, E. H. […]

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