Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Hans Rushfeldt of Hawley Minnesota

Hans Rushfeldt, a Norwegian immigrant born on October 5, 1849, played a vital role in the development of Hawley, Minnesota. After arriving in the United States in 1869, he worked on construction trains and engaged in railroad projects. Eventually, he settled in Hawley and established a successful hardware store, which expanded over the years. In addition to his business ventures, Rushfeldt actively participated in fraternal organizations and was an influential figure in local politics. He married Helen Olson in 1882, and together they raised nine children. Their contributions to the community have left a lasting impact.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Fred Johnson of Moorehead Minnesota

Fred Johnson, a renowned decorator and painter in Moorhead, operates the largest enterprise in the region. A proactive businessman, he actively contributes to initiatives for the betterment of his hometown. With exceptional skills and artistry, he is highly regarded as the city’s most talented painter. Fred is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and has two children with his wife, Mary Manstrom.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Dennis F. McGrath of Barnesville Minnesota

Dennis F. McGrath, the esteemed postmaster of Barnesville, Minnesota, has been an active participant in the town’s growth and development. Originally from Appleton, Wisconsin, McGrath moved to Clay County, Minnesota, in 1879 and worked on his own claim. He later partnered with Peter E. Thompson in the lumber trade and achieved considerable success. McGrath transitioned to the hardware business, shipping produce and handling fire insurance. He has served in various civic roles, including president of the village board and a member of the state legislature. Married to Anna McGuire, McGrath is a proud parent to their surviving children: Dennis Jr., Margaret, Arthur, Maud, Ethel, Paul, and Elizabeth.

A T Austinson

Biography of A. T. Austinson of Ulen, Minnesota

A. T. Austinson, one of the founders and builders of the village of Ulen, Minnesota, was born in Norway, May 5, 1857. His parents were Torkle and Guri (Descud) Austinson. Mr. Austinson came to the United States in 1868, and settled first in the town of Primrose, Dane county, Wisconsin, and the following year moved to Twin Lake, Freeborn county, Minnesota, where he remained for about two years, and then went to Goose Prairie township, Clay county, Minnesota, three miles east of Hitterdal, where he proved up a claim and assisted materially to organize the town of Goose Prairie. He …

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