G. C. Whitcomb Clamed to be Captain

G. C. Whitcomb clamed to be Captain by virtue of Col. Sibley’s commission and his receipt for the guns and refused to give them up under any other circumstance. The following were thereupon elected officers,

The 44 Springfield Muskets were distributed to the men as far as they went remainder unarmed, except with a few Belgian guns that had been re-ceived from some quarter, and as it was thought best to have the men armed, all mounted,. and as we had but 15 horses and it was ascertained that a a party of skedadlers were yet lingering in King ston, a detail was made to the extent of all the horses on hand, with a man and gun on each, to go to Kingston and seize horses.

The following were detailed for that pleasing duty.

J. B. Atkinson1 st Lieutenant
H. J. Hill2nd Corp’l
Wm . Branham1st Sergeant
T. C. Jewett3rd Sergeant
H S. Howe2nd Sergeant
Sam Hutchins4th Sergeant
I A. F. Heath1st Corp
B. B. Ralston5th Corp
O. B. ToddPrivate
W. WaggonerPrivate
C. McGrawPrivate
Michael McGrawPrivate
H. KrogerPrivate
F. G. GouldPrivate
A. HamiltonPrivate

Eight officers and seven privates-and this was the first military movement in the county, and was made of the right material.

They went to Kingston armed and equipped, whereupon the first Lieutenant declared Martial Law,  ordered T. C. Jewett to occupy the Clear Water bridge and allow none to escape unless they could speak the word plain-very, very plain, which one or two are said, to have done-cabbaged 23 horses (the best to be had) and returned with their booty to Forest City.

B. CobbForage detail
J. A. StantonForage detail
DeLamaterForage detail
Oliver GibbinsForage detail
W. H. TowlerStock guard
Gottlip ReefStock guard

Thus ended Sunday’s exploits August 24th 1862.

Meeker County

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