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Dassel Death Notices

J. Norgren died January 15, 1907, age 78 years. John O. Belin died June 2, 1926, at the age of 79. L. M. Norgren died here July 12, 1923, age 59 years: J. W. Norgren died November 3, 1926, his age was 77. Joseph Olson died September 14. 1933, age 56. Louis Palmersten died February 15. 1906. at the age of 72 Nels Rudberg died November 12, 1912. S. O. Lindgren died June 12, 1892, age 35 John Thompson, August 18, 1934, he was 87 years old. Nels Erickson died September 7, 1910, at the age of 81. John Osborn …

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Lodges, Dogs, Business Establishments

Griswold Lodge No. 218. A. F. & A. M. of Dassel was granted a charter by the Grand Lodge. January 16, 1896, which was adopted by a vote of the lodge on May 4, 1896. The charter members consisted of Linzay Pankake, B. A. Records, J. H. Kauffman. L. G. Adkins, E. E. McGrew. Fred C. May. L. W. Leighton. Matt Delong. Chas. B. Dunn. J. C. Thomas. Wm. Frederick, L. L. Sisson. Chas. L. Phifer, R. T. Elliott H. F. Ames, C. W. Sidnam, A. L. Gordon, Nip Lunsford, Thos. Skeen, Isaac Vervalen, B. E. Sherwin, W. W. Jewett. …

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Dassel, Minnesota Those were the days

We are presenting this book as written, the author just tells about people and items of interest.  Scattered through out the pages are listings for deaths and births.  Use the search on the right to search the Minnesota pages. About the Author Death Notices Outstanding Citizens Village Council 1880-1900 Most of the early settlers of Dassel and its vicinity came from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia and, last but not least, Sweden, especially from Vastergotland and Varmland. And some energetic families came over from Hutchinson and Kingston, which were thriving little villages at that time. In those early days they had …

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Gopher Tales of Minnesota

A few years ago, Blake Haddon of The Minneapolis Tribune, gave its readers ‘”Gopher Tales of Minnesota”, with suitable illustrations. Dassel was given a few of these interesting old historical events and here they are: When the Dassel-Hutchinson mail carrier became lost in the blinding blizzard of 1873 and wound up in Litchfield instead of Hutchinson he was docked a day’s pay which was later restored to him through the efforts of Senators Alexander Ramsey and William Windom. On July 18. 1886, a farmer’s ox fell into an old well in Dassel, Minnesota. A resourceful citizen rang the fire-bell and …

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Drug, Harness, Blacksmith Shops and Fire Department

M. A. Scheldrup opened the Lion Drug Store in 1887, selling out to Anton Heedles in 1889 who operated the store until 1891, then moving it to Minneapolis. R. C. Trudgen started a drug store here in 1900 which he kept going for two years when he moved the stock to Shell Lake, Wisconsin. Peterson Bros, opened a drug store in 1905 which is still operating in its original location. In the early days, our drug stores received most of their merchandise from Noyes Bros. & Cutler, and the Lyman-Eliel Drug Co. In the old days, villages had harness shops. …

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Those Were the Days

Louis Osterlund, coming from Sweden in 1881, became the assistant postmaster in 1882 and a clerk in the store. Peter Wicklund bought an interest in the company and became a member of the firm December 1, 1882. The store was operated for three years and with a big closing out sale, it went out of business; the building was then used for Dassel’s roller skating rink. In 1887, the property was sold to J. Norgren & Co., and used by them in the general merchandise business until it was destroyed in the big fire of January 12, 1900. Other prosperous …

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AHGP - American History and Genealogy

About the Author

Oscar E. Linquist was born in the town of Dassel, April 6, 1874, son of Andrew* and Mary Linquist. He was educated in the Dassel Public Schools, Emanuel Academy, Curtiss Commercial College. Operated a job printing office in Dassel for several years, then employed in various business places until appointed postmaster of Dassel in 1897, serving until 1915. With the Wm. A. Linquist Piano Co., 1916 to 1919. Operated a restaurant and confectionery, 1920 to 1924. Again appointed postmaster in 1925 and in that position until 1934. He was Village Recorder in 1901 and 1902. A member of the Village …

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Automobiles, Baseball and Schools

Fred Rudberg owned Dassel’s first automobile and that was in 1904, was called the Rambler, and named after a bicycle of the same name. This car is now the Nash. Since that eventful year, nearly every family owns a car, so parking space on our streets is sometimes difficult to find. The national game of baseball has been played in Dassel since 1880 and during that time seven different baseball grounds have been occupied but the present ground’s have been in use forty-two years. Dassel’s first schoolhouse was built in 1870 at a cost of $625 and a three months …

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